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Thank you for visiting my website. I have been drawing as long as I can remember.  I doodled in the margins of my notebook during my "non interesting" classes in high school.  But I loved high school because I had great art teachers there and I learned way more about drawing and design there than in college.  So I left college, got married and did everything except draw.  Many years and a daughter later, I decided to nurture my God-given talent, and a fabulous private art teacher helped me turn it around.  She encouraged me to become an art teacher.  I landed my first Art Teacher job by submitting a drawing I did in her class along with my resumé.  I finished my Bachelor's degree in Art while teaching Art full time.  I live in Southern Nevada with "Walter", my apricot Standard Poodle (peeking over my shoulder in the photo).  More than 20 years after I landed that first art teaching position, I'm still teaching art to a wide variety of students, online, and in-person.  My daughter and her family are a day's drive away in Northern California, and I can make the drive to my hometown in southern California near the beach in about 4 hours.  In addition to teaching others to draw, I create illustrations and surface pattern designs for fabrics, wallpaper and gifts.  My "go-to" media are watercolors and colored pencils.  I'm happiest using those, but if you take a look at my Fine Art page here, you'll see that "realism" is one of my strengths, too, which is nice because it lends itself well to portraits and still life drawings.  Please feel free to contact me about purchasing or licensing information, or simply to chat.  Thank you for your interest in my work.  ~ Margie Campbell Samuels.
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