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I'm an artist and an Art Teacher.  I will share my artwork on this Blog along with anecdotes from my years of teaching Art.  Drawing things has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I learned to draw objects well, and I appreciated good drafting and realistic representation.  I teach people how to draw, not how to make crafts, since crafting is not my strength.  Teaching others to "draw what they see" has helped me hone my own drawing skills.  It sometimes takes us artists a while to call ourselves "Artists", but over time, I've become comfortable labeling myself as such, which feels wonderful.  I'm proud of and grateful for this God-given gift, and for the ability to teach that skill to others.  Thank you for visiting my blog.


Updated: May 17, 2022

Tonight at 9:14 pm the moon will be full. Is that why certain odd things occur around this time? I'm shifting. I've been teaching online for two years now. I still love the kids, but recently I decided to select a few new additional platforms to reach new clients. But today, after an uncomfortable, abrupt change in behavior and communication with a prospective client, (maybe the guy was bi-polar) I decided to drop a couple other platforms that are proving to be more stressors than a place to gain new students. I hope to increase my base of private students, both in person, here in Southern Nevada, and online, and this "shift" has confirmed that plan. I'll still be teaching for the one I've been with for 2 years, but I'm going to build my own base of students. It will give me more control in my teaching style and more freedom to select who I work with. That being said, Here is one of my favorite Moon prints.

Updated: May 17, 2022

I purchased this stuffed equine many years ago for my coffee table in my southwest home. It was expensive, but I loved it. He now lives inside a closet because my cat was fascinated with the feathers and beads, and now, Walter, my 16 month old Standard Poodle would consider this lovely table sculpture as a new chew-toy. So I take him out occasionally as a subject for my more advanced students to draw. I drew this from a disadvantaged angle, as the more beautiful perspectives were selected by the students. As the students get better, they require less minute-by-minute instruction, so I find myself wanting to draw while it's quiet and while they're fully focused on their pieces. This guy is a result of me continuing the process through 'til the end, which, by the way, was completed at home. I love colored pencil and I love realistic renderings. So, it makes sense that I love this.

Updated: May 17, 2022

Don't get me wrong, my post title is not all that revealing, because 2019 was a real nice Christmas. I visited my daughter and her husband and family and I "got to know them" all over again since I don't see them very often. I ate delicious food, laughed 'til I choked, did puzzles, went to the beach and enjoyed their company totally. The reason I say "made it through Christmas" is because I thought I might be coming down with a cold a couple of days before I traveled to see her...but I persevered! I pushed myself and kept telling myself that I'd get better, and surprisingly, I never actually felt ill. But, boy, my throat was telling a different story, and after singing carols at church on Christmas eve and talking all the way through a family party, I wreaked havoc on my vocal chords! By Christmas morning no sound was emerging from my mouth. I tried and tried, and couldn't even "bark" a couple of words from the depths of my voice. I whispered all Christmas Day. It was raining all day long, so we literally stayed inside the entire time, but any time I wanted to communicate anything, like, "yes, I'll take a little salt, please", it had to be requested in a whisper. It wasn't until trying to drift off to sleep that night on the air mattress and reading all I could about Laryngitis on my iPhone in the dark, that I discovered that whispering actually makes matters worse! And after two days of stifling coughs by burying my head under the covers, coupled with whispering, I had developed a head cold that needed to get OUT. I plotted (to myself) how I'd take a hotel room the one remaining night and stay and sleep while the gang went to the beach for the day. I actually considered that! Me! The woman who longs for the sights and sounds of the ocean almost daily! But the moment I saw my step-granddaughter once dawn broke, happily playing in my "bedroom" (the living room) with enthusiasm about the day we were all to spend together, I knew I couldn't ruin those plans! I bundled up, stuffed my pockets with Ricolas and enjoyed myself so much that my voice (or a disguised version of it) started to appear in the afternoon. We had a great time. Now, three days later and 549 miles away, I know I'll always think of this Christmas in a very, very grateful way. Wonderful daughter. Wonderful family. Wonderful time. And as of this post no one in her family has caught my germs. Fingers crossed!

P.S. (writing this in 2022) Could this have been the Covid virus? At that date, the threat of it wasn't even in our thoughts. I wish it never was...

This is my 2019 Christmas card. There are, indeed, Angels among us!

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