I'm an artist and an Art Teacher.  I will share my artwork on this Blog along with anecdotes from my years of teaching Art.  Drawing things has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I learned to draw objects well, and I appreciated good drafting and realistic representation.  I teach people how to draw, not how to make crafts, since crafting is not my strength.  Teaching others to "draw what they see" has helped me hone my own drawing skills.  It sometimes takes us artists a while to call ourselves "Artists", but over time, I've become comfortable labeling myself as such, which feels wonderful.  I'm proud of and grateful for this God-given gift, and for the ability to teach that skill to others.  Thank you for visiting my blog.


Updated: Sep 22, 2018

These flowers were originally painted in watercolor last year while attempting to teach an unruly bunch of high schoolers. It wasn't a good day, and after I got the students steered in the right direction, I decided to de-stress a little with some student-grade Prang watercolor paints and paint me something pretty and frivolous. For some reason, the execution was effortless to me. It was as if something greater than me was guiding my hand. Flowers and leaves just appeared on the page. This became the foundation of my first "collection" of watercolor floral repeat patterns called "Southern Belles". The color and placement of the motifs were tweaked a little in this version, but I fell for this, too...maybe even a little more. I'm simply calling her, "Belle". Below is the original collection.