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The Process....

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Occasionally, if you can believe this, I actually like to venture out of the rabbit hole of creating floral repeat patterns. I've always enjoyed drawing portraits, because I'm naturally good at capturing faces. I really enjoyed this one because Marilyn Monroe's face is so amazing. This drawing was a "demo" for my high school art students. The project is called "Big Hair". The students select from a stack of photos of famous faces, then draw them by gridding or drafting them to scale, then shading the face with a colored pencil. The crazy hair is where their originality is revealed. The results are really cool and it's fun. Of course I picked the most wonderful face ever created. I selected this black and white photo, then photoshopped her without hair and added a blue tint. I am pleased with her likeness, and, I mean, how can you not stare at that perfect face?

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