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War Pony

Updated: May 17, 2022

I purchased this stuffed equine many years ago for my coffee table in my southwest home. It was expensive, but I loved it. He now lives inside a closet because my cat was fascinated with the feathers and beads, and now, Walter, my 16 month old Standard Poodle would consider this lovely table sculpture as a new chew-toy. So I take him out occasionally as a subject for my more advanced students to draw. I drew this from a disadvantaged angle, as the more beautiful perspectives were selected by the students. As the students get better, they require less minute-by-minute instruction, so I find myself wanting to draw while it's quiet and while they're fully focused on their pieces. This guy is a result of me continuing the process through 'til the end, which, by the way, was completed at home. I love colored pencil and I love realistic renderings. So, it makes sense that I love this.

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